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Calzaturificio Tiziana

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  • Product:
    Handcrafted Shoes
  • Location:
    Monte Urano, Fermo
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A conversation with Tiziana, manufacturer of handmade artisanal footwear.

Tiziana, what makes you unique?

Continuous research and innovation. We've been innovating for over twenty years every season and every collection with new materials and new processes that add value to our products. All characteristics that stem from our Made in Italy vocation and that allow us to be recognised internationally.

Twenty years of innovation and research, but your company is located in an area rich in tradition?

The area we come from is the most important district for Italian footwear. It is a small town in the Marche region, but it’s from where craftsmen have conquered the Italian and international footwear fashion industry.

"Mastery and craftsmanship, but also intuition and creativity. All values written in our DNA, and a precious heritage at the heart of our company."

Let's go back to the early days. To the first shoe.

It was the early 1990s, 1992 to be precise. During this period we developed the first men's footwear models, realising the idea of a shoe with a refined style and modern look, which was not very common back then. This vision has been enriched with contemporary influences over the years and has taken on an increasingly personalised profile, expressing the essence of Made in Italy in an absolutely unique way.

Not only shoes, Italians are very proud of their culinary tradition. If someone visits your area, what is the dish they absolutely must try?

There is no doubt about it: Ascoli olives! A food rich in history and a real staple of Marche cuisine.